Full Body Workout + Cardio | LVFITxAD Series (Video)

This is one of those workouts that makes you sweat like crazy and feel like you really accomplished something.

Neighborhood Workout: Full Body + Cardio (Video)

Spring is in the air people. I took Gustavo on a walk yesterday and it was room temperature outside.

Traveling? Pack This Piece of Equipment + Full Body Workout (Video)

Clients constantly ask me what to bring when they're traveling to stay on track with workouts. 

Ab Workout + Cardio Burst - Equipment Free (Video)

Nephews are the best. Particularly ones that snuggle with you at night, "extercise" with you in the morning and practice

5 Healthy Superbowl Snacks

Personally I couldn't care less about football. I'm from the South where "football is life" and every weekend during the fall

Spinach Broccoli Green Curry Soup

I frequent this restaurant in West Hollywood called Zinque - it's perfect for a girl date. The food is great, wine selection is on point and they have an adorable patio.

Full Body HIIT Workout - No Equipment

Today I had one of those workouts that leave you high. I had enough time to foam roll, fit in a super effective dynamic warmup and smash a workout.

Tone Your Arms, Shoulders + Back with This Workout

I created this upper body workout that kicks my ass, keeps me from getting bored and works on posture! Try it out:

My Gym Bag Essentials

My gym bag is like a bag of tricks. I need to be prepared to workout, shower, get ready and attend a lunch meeting pretty much every day.

5 Moves: Equipment Free Glute Workout

I love these five moves because they focus on lower body but also focus on balance, stability and core strength.