5 Ways to Wear Sneakers Outside the Gym


5 Ways to Wear Sneakers Outside the Gym

Sneakers are one of my obsessions. Thankfully they’re on trend right now and are no longer just a shoe for the gym or errand running. Depending on where you’re going and the kicks, they can be dressed up with silk, patterns or other accessories or they can be used to tone down an outfit that feels too formal. Here are 5 tips for wearing sneakers outside the gym: 


1. Pair them with a flirty dress or skirt. One of my summer uniforms is a mini skirt, vintage tee and cute sneakers. This outfit can be easily translated to Fall by adding a bomber or leather jacket. 

2. Pair black and white with florals. Feminine patterns like florals are given an edgy vibe when you add B&W kicks - sweet an innocent (never) on top, badass on the bottom. 

3. Want to pair your favorite sneakers with jeans? Avoid the 90’s Dad look by wearing crop jeans - slim fit or boyfriend both work! Add a silk tank and jacket or off the shoulder sweater to complete the look.

4. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Pairing patterned sneakers with neutral tones is an interesting way to highlight your your shoes and look sleek.

5. Go all black and white. This is one of my favorite travel outfits. Black jeans, black knit sweater and white sneakers. Simple. Clean. Works anywhere.