7 Things to do the Day After Drinking


7 Things to do the Day After Drinking

I'm not a huge drinker (anymore). I might have 1-2 glasses of wine per week. However, I am an experienced drinker. When I was in undergrad at Florida State, I can remember lining up 5 shots of rum (ew) and taking them back to back (sorry Mom). And that was at the pregame - the house party before we even went out to the actual party. Thinking about it now I can't believe I survived those four years. We would party all night, sleep until noon, wake up, get brunch and do it all over again. No hangover. Shiny and new by 2pm. Fast forward to now - I'm in bed by 10pm. I have 2 glasses of wine, I'm a blast, and then have a headache in the morning. What a disaster. Thankfully I have some ammunition in my back pocket. These 7 tips will help you get through a night of partying; or at least ease the pain a bit the next day. 

1. Hydrate to flush the impurities from your system. Bonus: drink water in between alcoholic beverages to combat dehydration. 

2. Pop an Aspirin with all that water. It will help decrease inflammation. 

3. Drink a green juice/smoothie (without lots of added fruit) to increase your fiber intake and level out any spikes in blood sugar. 

4. Grease your tummy before going out on the town. Down a tablespoon of olive oil - I learned this on my trip to Greece this year, the Greeks swear by it. The idea is that it takes longer for alcohol to absorb when you have oil/grease in your belly. 

5. Eat breakfast the morning after. You need to replenish your system, but stick to something that’s easy to digest like toast with banana (the potassium from the banana will help protect from dehydration).

6. Sip ginger or peppermint tea. They’re known to calm the stomach, and I get super nauseous after drinking, so it’s a must. 

7. Nap. Your body is exhausted from dehydration (and possibly all the dancing you did the night before), so give it some rest.