Traveling? Pack This Piece of Equipment + Full Body Workout (Video)

Traveling? Pack This Piece of Equipment + Full Body Workout (Video)

Clients constantly ask me what to bring when they're traveling to stay on track with workouts. Packing is hard enough as it is, so I like to keep it light and easy. Mini bands are great because they take up little to no space, can fit in your carry on, and provide resistance for a super efficient full body workout. 

The Breakdown:

8 EXERCISES//Do each exercise for the number of reps shown//Minimize rest in between each exercise//After you finish one round take a 1 minute break//Repeat the entire circuit 3x

Lateral Band Walks: Place the mini band around your feet, squat down into a quarter squat and take 10 steps to the right. Take 10 steps to the left. Repeat on each side for a total of 40 steps. 

180 Degree Squat Jump: Place the mini band right above your knees, do one squat jump and on the second squat jump, do a 180 degree turn in the air. x8

Plank Jumping Jacks: With the band right about your knees, start in plank position on your hands. Jump your feet in and out like a jumping jack. Make sure your hips don't sag. x20

Donkey Kickback: Start on all fours with the mini band right above your knees. Make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Keeping your core engaged, kick your foot straight up in the air (with your knee bent 90 degrees) and squeeze your glutes. x20 each side (perform the fire hydrants on on the same side before moving on to kickbacks on the other side)

Fire Hydrants: Stay in the same position your were in for the Donkey Kickback. With your knee bent at 90 degrees, Raise your leg to the side and bring it back to starting position. x20 each side 

Glute Bridges: Start on your back with the band above your knees and your ankles directly under your knees. Push through your heels to push your hips up in the air. Push out against the band and simultaneously squeeze your glutes. Return to starting position. x20

Leg Raises: Laying on your right side with the band right above your knees, legs stacked and toes dorsiflexed (flexed towards your face), raise your top leg using the side of your glute. Return to starting position. x20 each side (perform leg circles on the right side before moving on to leg raises on the left side)

Leg Circles: Start in the same position as the leg raises, raise your top leg and draw a circle with your foot. Perform 10 reps in one direction and then change direction for 10 reps.