Neighborhood Workout: Full Body + Cardio (Video)

Spring is in the air people. I took Gustavo on a walk yesterday and it was room temperature outside. The sun was shining and warming my skin just enough, but not enough to make me hot. There was a slight breeze, but it wasn't too crisp that I got a cold chill. It got me thinking - wow, aren't we lucky?! The most basic elements - sunshine, fresh air, green grass, vibrant flowers, and (wo)man's best friend - are really the ones that we should focus on. I left my phone in my apartment so I could have one on one time with Gus (I know it seems silly, because he's a dog, but I swear they feel when your attention is elsewhere) and be present. And I was in for a treat. 

This time of year always makes me want to take my workout outside and enjoy my surroundings. I created this interval workout as a "neighborhood run" on steroids. Try it out, and make sure to notice the beauty around you!

The Breakdown:

WARMUP + 4 ROUNDS OF SPRINTS AND EXERCISES//Do the entire warmup once//Do the entire workout once

Jog one block, sprint one block x2

Walking lunges x30: Do forward walking lunges down the block. Make sure your weight is in your front heel and your knee doesn't pass over your toe. 

Jog one block, sprint one bock x2

Gorilla Crawl x15: Standing with your feet hip width distance apart, walk your hands out into a plank (feel the hamstring stretch here). From the plank position, jump your feet to your hands and land in sumo squat position. Stand up straight. Repeat. 

Jog one block, sprint one block x2

Skaters x30: Start in a squat and do a lateral jump to the left landing on your left foot with your right foot behind your left. Then jump to the other side. 

Jog one block, sprint one block x2

Lateral Shuffle x30 seconds: In a squat position, shuffle your feet to the left, change direction and shuffle to the right.