3 Favorite Spring Looks: Crops and Details

3 Favorite Spring Looks: Crops and Details

I love this time of year. I feel alive, ready to start new projects, vary my fitness routine, explore and travel. I'm currently planning three different vacations and can't wait see new places, taste different cuisines, try new activities and learn new things about other cultures and myself. If there's anything I've learned about traveling, it's that I discover things about myself I never knew before. And I always come back a little different; slightly evolved. 

I love to travel because it gives us time to play again. We're so programmed to be as busy as possible, working from the moment we rise to the last few minutes before bed, and constantly checking in in between. I am absolutely guilty of this, so thankfully I really love what I do. But there's something about being in an unknown place with new people that allows us to rekindle the relationship with our inner child. It also helps to bring me back to where I belong. Being "busy" shouldn't be applauded. Instead, having a zest for life, connecting with other people, learning, loving and fine tuning a craft - these are the things we should be in awe of. 

Leggings:  Yoga Democracy   Crop:  Lululemon   Sports bra:  Lululemon

Leggings: Yoga Democracy

Crop: Lululemon

Sports bra: Lululemon

I look forward to reconnecting with that person - waking up to sunshine and adventure rather than email and scheduling, spending the day with no plan, but exploring until I get hungry and stumble upon delicious food, and not taking note of what time it is when I finally fall asleep because there is no alarm to set. Ahhhhh. 

Next up is Tulum and Playa del Carmen. I have some fun activities planned and can't wait to unplug for a week. Apparently cell reception is dicey, so I'll be forced into relaxation (not that I need much forcing). Tulum is a major wellness and yoga destination, so these outfits are inspired by my excitement to dive into yoga (and cenotes) upon arrival! Do you have any trips planned? If so, where? Also, I'd love to hear any recommendations for Tulum and Playa del Carmen! 

Leggings:  Beyond Yoga   Crop:  Alo Yoga

Leggings: Beyond Yoga

Crop: Alo Yoga