My Skincare Routine || Current Fave Products

Ana Ochoa Photography

Ana Ochoa Photography

My Skincare Routine || Current Fave Products

Skincare has been part of my daily routine since I was about 15. Yes, it has gotten more detailed over the years, but it’s always been on my radar. I started with face wash, toner and moisturizer and slowly added face wipes, exfoliating scrubs, masks and under eye cream.

There are four things you should know about my skin before I get into the products I use: 1. I’ve never had an acne problem (at least not yet). So I’m certainly not the person to provide advice for products used for acne prone skin. 2. I do have dry skin, but it’s not super sensitive. 3. I sweat a lot because of my job and because I workout at least 5 times/week. So it’s important for me to keep my skin as clean as possible throughout the day. 4. My best friend is a beauty blogger, so she keeps me stocked with all the goods:)

Now, without further ado, here are my (current) favorite skincare products.

  1. Too Cool For School Tak Koza Cleansing Wipes: These have become one of my favorites for pre/post workout and to wipe my makeup off before washing my face before bed. They work for all skin types, are super hydrating and are paraben, sulfate and phthalates free.

  2. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish: Perfect for dullness (hello lack of sleep) and uneven texture, this polish uses natural exfoliants like shea nut shell powder and willow bark extract to buff the skin. I use it once or twice/week and really focus on my problem areas like my nose and chin where the skin tends to get clogged. I rotate between the polish and the pads that have lactic and glycolic acid to exfoliate, tone and brighten my skin all at once.

  3. St Tropez Face Oil: This face oil gives me the perfect amount of color and is also super hydrating. I use it once a week (I try and keep my face out of the sun as much as possible) before bed. Apply it with a mitt to avoid staining your hands!

  4. Coola Face Makeup Setting Spray (SPF 30): This makeup setting spray is 70% organic and protects and soothes my skin with cucumber and aloe vera extract while simultaneously keeping my makeup in place. To be honest, I don’t always wear face makeup, but I still spray this on my skin to stay safe in the sun. Bonus: it smells so fresh!

  5. First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Eye Cream: Dark circles are a major bummer. I try my hardest to get plenty of sleep, but there are always times when it doesn’t seem possible. Thankfully, I’ve been using an under eye cream for years. I just recently discovered this one, and I really like it. It has Retinyl Palmitate that is supposed to reduce fine lines and alpha arbutrin to brighten. Hopefully it’s working…

  6. Whish Renewing Mud Mask: My boyfriend LOVES when I come to bed with this on my face. Haha. I use it once a week and it only takes about five minutes (which is great because who has time for face masks amiright??). It’s supposed to eliminate dark spots and hydrate. I definitely see a difference in the brightness of my skin when I use it. Plus, I feel pampered when I put on a face mask.

  7. Smith’s Rosebud Salve: It feels amazing on my lips. The texture is moisturizing, but not too thick.

  8. Dr. Jart’s Brightening Infusion Mask: My friend Aja got me into these sheet masks. Now I feel like I’m in the spa when I use them. It’s a gel textured mask, so you just pull it out of the package and place on your face. Aja taught me to use the excess gel in the package for my neck/decolletage area (game changer). These are great for once a week (or twice if you wanna get fancy).