12 Ways to Practice Self Care


12 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care is a term that became popular within the last year or so and I constantly see Instagram posts about how important it is to “practice self care”. The funny thing is, this is something I’ve done for years but didn’t really have a name for it other than “Sundays”. 

Throughout the week I’m usually going non stop and trying to keep up with work, my own training, responding to emails, yoga, Gustavo, and getting to sleep before I have to wake up and do it all over again the next day (thankfully I love what I do!). By the time the weekend rolls around I am physically and mentally spent and I have a feeling most of you are as well. I work a half day on Saturday and then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening doing something fun and social - this way I don’t feel like I’m missing out on Sunday. Sundays are dedicated to activities that fall under two different categories:

  1. Preparing for the week ahead

  2. Doing things that make me feel happy (things that are good for my mind/body/soul)


I love to start my day by sleeping until 8:30/9 (I need to catch up on sleep, but any later and I’ll feel lethargic the rest of the day), making coffee and doing about 30-45 minutes of yoga and stretching in my living room with candles lit, Gus by my side and one of my Hustle + Flow playlists on in the background. From there I’ll either go to the farmer’s market or grocery store, take Gus for a long walk and then work on my to do list and meal prep for the week before doing some super scary sheet masking. See my list below of some of my fave ways to “practice self care” AKA handle my shit on a Sunday:

1. Farmer’s market/meal prep: Ideally you get there early enough to fill up on samples AKA breakfast.

2. Body scrub: I am obsessed with this coffee scrub from Organic Simply Scrub. The smell is insane and my body feels heavenly afterwards. 

3. Sheet masks/face masks: Apparently you’re supposed to keep sheet masks in the fridge. Side note. 

4. Bubble bath: I always forget how much I love a hot bath until I’m in it with a good book or magazine. Gus likes to sit next to the tub and stare until I feel really uncomfortable. 

5. Candles + tea: Need I say more? 

6. Declutter: Sunday is a great time to tidy up your space. Everything feels better when your living space is clean and (somewhat) organized. 

7. Unplug: I need to stick to this more often, but I like to leave my phone in the apartment when I take Gus for a walk so I can focus and be in the moment. 

8. Yoga/stretch: Multiple times a day 

9. Nap in the sun: Afternoon naps are so nice but I rarely have time for them during the week. 

10. To Do lists: I like to plan out my week ahead (appointments, clients, personal to do and work to do) in my Passion Planner so I don’t have surprises on Monday morning. 

11. Go for a walk: Gus is happy, I’m happy. 

12. Mani/pedi: Fresh toes for my yoga mat!