Whole 30 Week 2 Recap


Whole 30 Week 2 Recap

Day 11 of Whole 30 is almost over, so I’m here to share my recap (did I stick to the program?), how I feel and recipes I loved from this week! 


I made it through 11 days! I slipped up once - I chewed gum. I knew it was going to happen because it's something I'm so used to doing throughout the day. It wasn't a conscious slip up, I actually just totally forgot I couldn't have it. I bought mint leaves this week in case I need some minty freshness in place of the gum. 

Overall, I feel pretty good. My bloating (from before Whole 30 - if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my Week 1 Recap  ) has almost completely gone away. Most mornings I consistently wake up with a flat tummy, especially when I eat dinner before 7pm. 

One thing I noticed this week that’s a little different than last week is my hunger levels. I am ravenous most days. I usually wake up, have water with lemon, make my coffee and drink it on the way to work and during my first client. Then after 2 clients (around 8am) I eat my breakfast (by eat I mean shove my face in about 3 minutes flat so I can get to my next client). Within 2 hours I am HUNGRY. Snacking isn’t really recommended on Whole 30, but because of the nature of my job I have a snack around 10/11am - usually a banana or apple and some raw cashews. By 1:30/2pm I am starving and ready for lunch. From the research I have done this is pretty normal, especially during the first 2 weeks of the program. I think my body is so used to running off of protein bars and added, processed carbohydrates that it’s still in the “getting used to only whole foods” phase. Without noticing it, I started to compensate with fruit. During the first week I only had one piece of fruit per day, but for the first few days this week I was eating 2 servings throughout the day. Since my main goal is to decrease my sugar cravings, I’m going back to one serving per day. 

Speaking of sugar cravings - they have definitely decreased. It’s true - If you feed the beast  it only wants more, but starve it and it dies (not completely - my sugar beast will never fully die). Too bad Instagram is such a big part of my job, because it’s the devil when it comes to sticking to a specific diet. After some late afternoon insta scrolling I had a gnarly craving for blueberry muffins yesterday, so I popped a spoonful of almond butter (homemade) in my mouth, drank some tea and took Gus for a walk. 

My energy levels have increased from last week, but I feel fatigued faster during intense workouts. I continue to push myself during my workouts because I know my body is capable, but I definitely feel a difference. 

One of my main hurdles the first week was the idea of not socializing because I’m on Whole30. I used to compete in bikini competitions and I would skip fun dinners or girls night because I had to eat something so specific and I didn’t want to be tempted. I made it a point this week to go out now that I’m a little more comfortable and confident with the do’s and don’ts of the program. I went to my best friend’s birthday dinner and ordered sashimi and a brussels sprout salad with lemon and olive oil, and I went out to sushi twice (if you know me you know it’s my fave) and got sashimi, veggies and baked salmon salad. I realized I don’t even miss rice that much!


I prepared new meals Sunday evening and they lasted me until today (Thursday) so I’ll need to find something for dinner tonight and prepare meals for the next few days. I made the same breakfast casserole as last week because it’s so easy and delicious, Asian chicken chopped salad and enchiladas wrapped in turnip leaves (better than they sound). I linked the recipes because I found them on Pinterest - they aren't my own.