Whole 30 Week 4 Recap

 Berries, unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter.

Berries, unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter.

I spent part of Whole30 Week 4 in Georgia with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. It was so great to surprise her and spend time with my parents, cousins, nephews and grandparents. Family time really is the best. The main thing I noticed related to Whole30 is that there was sugar EVERYWHERE. When I was in my parent’s house there was a candy jar on  the counter, chocolate and cookies in the pantry, sugary mints in the car, birthday cake after brunch and the list goes on. Sugar really is an epidemic, and sometimes we don’t notice how prominent it is until we cut it out of our lives. It made me realize that I’m thankful that I have created an environment and home without tons of sugar and processed foods to reach for when I’m hungry. Thankfully my parents also stock lots of fresh fruit and veggies, so there were plenty of healthy options while I was visiting. 

The day I left LA to travel to ATL, I broke down and weighed myself (you’re technically supposed to wait until the end of the program to weigh yourself or take measurements). The curiosity was getting to me and I stepped on the scale. So far I have lost about 6 pounds. Like I shared in my first Whole 30 post, weight loss was never my motivation for starting the program. I started Whole 30 because I wanted to kick my sugar addiction in the ass and find out if there’s anything else I’m eating that’s causing a negative reaction in my body. However, I assumed I would lose a little weight just from cutting out sugar and anything processed. 

Because I was out of town and we were celebrating a birthday, there was lots of eating out. My go to when eating out on the program is some type of protein (chicken or fish usually) cooked with only light olive oil and lemon and steamed veggies. I find this is usually a safe bet because most places are able to accommodate. 

When I returned home, I made my usual breakfast casserole (I think I’ll be making this for a while because it’s so easy and delicious!), Asian chicken salad and kept it simply by steaming some veggies and roasting sweet potato. I didn’t make any new recipes this week because I was traveling and then too tired to cook. Hopefully I’ll have some motivation to get in the kitchen this week!