What I Do When I'm in a "Funk"


What I Do When I’m in a “Funk”

Over the past several months I’ve been feeling a bit off. It goes in waves - one week I feel energized and excited to be doing what I love, passionate about my work and my life, and the next week I might feel anxious and (dare I say it? why is is so hard to say??) sad. 

I’ve started to question myself - “What am I doing with my life? Is this where I should be? Am I doing what I should be doing? Why am I not further along in life? Is everything going to work out?” You get the idea. One day I feel super motivated and enthusiastic about reaching goals and pursuing my dream here in LA, and the next I want to sell everything I own, pack a bag and travel Europe for six months then go live barefoot in the jungle (yes, I’ve actually planned this out). The truth is, the more I hear from other people, the more I realize we all do this “questioning” to some extent. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to other people and their journeys, but I also know there is no right or wrong way to go through life. 

That being said, it can still be difficult to deal with the surge of emotion and constant self examination. Here are a few things I do to cope and take care of my mental health::

  1. You guessed it, workout. I know what you’re thinking - of course this would be on the top of my list. But I promise, there’s nothing a little flood of endorphins can’t do. When I’m feeling down I love to put my headphones on, and either go for a run or grab my mat and head to a yoga class. Both are beneficial for different reasons - during a run I can work through my thoughts like a mini therapy session, or I can feed off the energy during a yoga class. It might seem tough to get through a workout when you’re feeling a bit off, but just get started and commit to 15 minutes. At that point I have a feeling you will want to push through to the end!

  2. Girl time. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day life and work that we forget to socialize. I’m definitely guilty of this. But I find a little time out with friends has a tendency to build me up, spark my creativity, renew my feelings of gratitude and get me motivated!

  3. Cook something delicious. Picture this: candles lit, music playing in the background (right now I’m all about SZA), a glass of red wine and the aromas of a flavorful dinner. Cooking is so therapeutic and creative. Plus, sitting down and enjoying a meal I just prepared is super rewarding.

  4. Read inspiring articles or blog posts. I like to read articles in TIME, Women’s Health, Rolling Stone and Vogue or check out some blog posts from my favorites like Laura Davidson from My Sweat Story or Carly Rowena.

  5. Put the phone away and get outside. Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk with my dog Gus, I find that some phone-free time in nature helps me to reconnect to what’s important. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the sun and breeze on your skin and admire the flowers and trees.

I hope these tips help! I’d love to hear your own tips on how you deal with emotional/stressful times!