5 of My Current Fave Healthy LA Restaurants


Los Angeles is known for its health and wellness scene and is constantly introducing a new trendy diet, juice bar or workout class. But this city also has its fair share of restaurants with decadent, delicious menus perfect for any foodie. I’m down to try anything (almost) once, but while I love a good slice of pizza, I usually look for a spot where I can order something healthy and nutritious while still pleasing my tastebuds. Thankfully LA has plenty of healthy options that will also leave you satisfied - yes you can be a healthy eater and leave a restaurant satisfied. 

Here are five of my favorite go to spots (none of which include the word “cleanse” on the menu, promise):

1. Tocaya Organica: Modern Mexican food without the guilt (but with the cheese - if you want it). This is one of my favorite spots. Their tacos are unbelievable and can be wrapped in a butter lettuce shell if you feel the need to skip the tortilla, but not the flavor. They have salads and bowls that will blow your mind and crispy plantain chips with the guac. Plus they serve meat and fish that is 100% free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics (yes please) and their produce is mostly locally sourced and organic.


2. Zinque: Zinque’s “Le Bowl” is one of their most popular, and one of my favorite items on their menu - brown rice, avocado, tomato, arugula, sriracha and cilantro. You can add chicken or frittata and substitute cauliflower rice for the brown rice. Their grass fed burger also comes on a brioche bun or in a bowl and the Broccoli, Spinach and Green Curry Soup is super flavorful. It's the perfect spot for a romantic date (think twinkly lights on the outdoor patio) or girls night (hello extensive wine selection). 


3. True Food Kitchen: Every item I’ve tried on this menu has been both parts nutritious and flavorful. They cook with seasonal ingredients so the menu constantly rotates and changes. Some of my favorites include the edamame dumplings, the grass fed turkey burger, the Tuscan Kale Salad (I know, not another kale salad, but this one is simple yet special), pizzas, pad thai and lasagne bolognese. Sit at the bar while you wait, grab a cocktail (I love the Ginger Margarita) and eat your heart out. 


4.  SweetGreen: When I heard about the new SweetGreen opening down the block from my work I was skeptical - all we need is another salad bar, right? Believe it or not, this spot is different. With local food sourcing from growers (the list is literally on the wall in each location), the produce is always fresh and on point. My current favorite is the Rad Thai, but they have several different delicious combinations, or you can create your own! Plus, it was super easy to eat here while on Whole30. 

5.   Cafe Gratitude: Depending on what your order here, you can eat relatively clean, just beware of sauces and extra coconut bacon (so delish). I really like their pizzas, Macrobiotic Bowl and Acai Bowl. However, stay away from the kelp noodles - I’ve tried them twice and been disappointed both times.