3 Ways I Stay Active Throughout the Weekend (Secret Active)

3 Ways I Stay Active Throughout the Weekend (Secret Active)

I treasure the weekend - for me, it’s a time to rejuvenate, catch up with friends and family, and prepare for the week ahead. This isn’t a time to fall off of my routine, though. I make it a point to stay active while keeping it fun, switching it up and not stepping foot inside a gym. Because I train clients in the gym all week, I like to separate myself on the weekends and spend most of time outdoors (after my Saturday morning clients of course). I love finding ways to multitask by staying active while getting my errands completed and hanging with friends (yes, this includes Gustavo). 

On Saturday, I typically put on some sneakers, throw a few things in my backpack, step out of my apartment and I’m gone most of the day. I noticed that when I was in Europe the past couple of summers we would explore on foot all day and it was so satisfying, so I try to incorporate this into my routine here at home. This means there’s no time in between activities to freshen up, so it’s great to know that this new Secret Active deodorant is formulated for high activity (girls on the go like me) and actually works better the more I sweat. It has a technology that traps bad odors and replaces them with a fresh scent, how cool is that?! I love that I can apply in the morning and I'm covered all day - no need to worry about freshening up mid afternoon! Secret Active is available to purchase at Walmart - click here to try it out yourself. 

Here are three of my favorite ways to stay active throughout the weekend - thanks Secret Active for keeping me covered (and smelling fresh). 

1. Exploring the city with Gustavo. I live in LA, and there are always new spots to discover in different neighborhoods (and my own). Gus requires plenty of exercise - just like his mom - and we love bopping around to check out new shops, art galleries and coffee shops. 


2. Yoga in the park with friends. I always say I’m happiest outside, so thankfully LA has plenty of parks. One of my favorite Saturday afternoon activities is to meet up with a girlfriend and practice yoga in a park nearby. Sure classes in studios are great, but I hit up my fave instructors during the week so we can soak up the afternoon sun on the weekend. Practicing outside also gives me a little more freedom to try new poses or variations of poses that I might not test out in class with proper instruction going on.

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3. Farmers market flower shopping and produce run. Having fresh flowers on the table brightens up my apartment and always makes me smile when I walk through the door, so shopping for flowers on Sunday is a must. Browsing the farmer’s market is a great way to keep moving and get my grocery shopping done for the week ahead. I usually end up finding some type of fruit or veggie that I wouldn't pick up on my standard supermarket run, and when the weather is nice I tend to browse longer so I increase my step count for the day - win-win!


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