6 Ways to Balance Work + Play on Vacation

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6 Ways to Balance Work + Play on Vacation

My favorite thing in the entire world is to travel, meet new people and see new places. Over the past few years I’ve learned how to work while traveling so I can continue to grow my business and experience new places along the way. Check out these 6 tips to balance work and play while traveling. 

  1. Prep for any projects before you leave town. Let everyone know you will be away and take care of any last minute emails and projects beforehand. I personally program for any clients who need extra attention while I’m away and schedule blog posts ahead of time so I’m not scrambling while on vacation.

  2. Remember to schedule any calls according to the time zone you will be in. Schedule them first thing in the morning if possible so you can get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Set up in a peaceful workspace outside of in your room so you still reap the benefits of your location. I like to work under an umbrella by the pool or on my patio/balcony when I’m on a tropical vacation. If I’m in a more urban location, I like to find a cool coffee shop.

  4. Exercise! Preferably before any calls or emails you send out in the morning. This will help you stay on a loose schedule. I say “loose” because the point of vacation is to unwind. But if you’re attempting to work and travel, a tiny bit of structure will set you up for success.

  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. It’s easy to fall off track diet wise when we’re traveling, and you should absolutely indulge while on vacation. However, I find that if I start off my day with a workout and healthy breakfast no matter where in the world I am, I’m motivated to kick ass and accomplish the goals I had set out for the day, then I can enjoy all the adventuring, relaxing and indulging later. Plus, I’m more inclined to reach for healthier options later in the day if I’ve had a nutrient dense breakfast. I like to choose a few things that I’ve really been looking forward to indulging in - a dish local to the area, cocktails (non negotiable on vacation) or dessert - and cash in on those rather than mindlessly eating the entire trip.

  6. After you finish your work to-do list for the day, turn off the notifications on your phone. I know this sounds a little scary, but I started doing this over the past couple of years when I’m traveling and it’s life changing. You can still check your texts, emails and phone calls whenever you want, but your phone won’t be dinging and ringing throughout the day. This helps me stay present and enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m with.