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Healthy(ish) Fast Food Breakfast

Fast food is usually filled with processed ingredients, saturated fat and is super high in sodium. However, for those times when we’re in a bind, it might be the only option, and there are some decent options out there. So, I took one for the team and taste tested several nutritionally-decent fast food breakfast menu items and rated them for you.

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A Day in the Life: Supplement Edition

These days I try and stick to a few supplements that my body truly needs to stay healthy and strong. I try and get the majority of my nutrients from colorful, nutrient dense, whole (mostly organic) foods. But sometimes our bodies need a little help. Here is an overview of the supplements I use every day:

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5 of My Current Fave Healthy LA Restaurants

Thankfully LA has plenty of healthy options that will also leave you satisfied - yes you can be a healthy eater and leave a restaurant satisfied. Here are five of my favorite go to spots (none of which include the word “cleanse” on the menu, promise):

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