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Hi I'm Laura Varney

...and I’m the founder of LVFIT, a brand that encompasses my personal training and yoga teaching businesses as well as this blog. The LVFIT blog is based on all things I love - fitness, food, travel and beauty - through my lens. I’m not quite the enlightened yogi, not quite the gym rat, but somewhere in between. I love a good chanting meditation after yoga, but bring out the tarot cards and I might shy away. Boxing and high intensity workouts are some of my faves, but I also have no problem treating myself to a Friday night fro yo and glass of rosé. It’s called balance:) Life ebbs and flows. I hustle and flow.

You will see these two ideas blend through my blog articles, workouts where I combine high intensity training and yoga, and in my ebook launching this fall that includes strength training, cardio, high intensity and yoga.


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