10 of My Favorite Booty Exercises | LVFITxAD Series (Video)

I'm super excited to share a Summer Workout Series collab with my best friend Aja Dang! Each Friday for the next 12 weeks we're bringing you a new workout to help you get closer and closer to your goals. Get ready to feel strong, sexy and confident this summer (and beyond!). 
Don't forget to share your workout pics on Instagram! Hashtag #LVFITxAD so we can see how hard you're working!

Perform this entire circuit 3x and then visit Aja's channel for the next half of the workout. 

Full Workout Description:
Split Squat:
x15 each side
Lateral Step Up: x12 each side
Side Lunge: x15 each side
Mountain Climbers: x30
Sumo Squat: x20
REPEAT for a total of 3x