10 Ways to Build Your Booty | LVFITxAD Series (Video)

I love lower body workouts. My glutes, quads and hamstrings are the strongest part of my body and I feel so accomplished when I work them out. That being said, lower body workouts can be super exhausting because the muscles are so large, so be sure to drink plenty of water and refuel your body with fresh, healthy protein and carbohydrates post workout!

The Breakdown:

Repeat each exercise for the prescribed number of reps // Repeat for a total of 3 sets // Head over to  Aja's channel for the second half of the workout!

Step up to back lunge x10 each side 
Single leg squat to box
x10 each side
Squat jump in and out x15
Plie squat with heel raises x30
Frog jumps forward and backward x10